The Most Livable Cities in Canada

Dubbed as one of the most livable countries in the world, Canada is definitely a powerhouse. With its diverse and lively economy and culture, there is no doubt why life at Canada is as good as it can be. If you plan on creating a new life in this country, here are a few suggestions on the best places to live in.


Quebec City is famous for its tourist destinations. Annually, an estimate of 4.5 million tourists enter this city. One of the most popular sites is the Old Quebec, which is included in UNESCO’s World Heritage site. Though tourism brings in a lot of business, there are many employment opportunities in other industries available in Quebec, more specifically in telecommunications and technology. Quebec is majorly a French speaking city. If you are fluent in the French language then this place may be ideal for you. The city is inspired by a mix of French and Canadian elements. Housing is much cheaper in this city. Quebec is one of the cities in the country with a lower cost of living. 


Ottawa is Canada’s national Capital and is tagged as one of the cleanest cities in the world. If you adapt well to warm weather, this city is a good option for you since its sunny and hot most of the time. Residents are provided with good healthcare services, which is an advantage for people who plan to retire. The taxes are low, incomes are high and transportation is easily accessible. Although housing is not that cheap, it is still comparable to other smaller cities. Ottawa is also famous for its historic buildings and museums. 


Boucherville is also dominated by French speaking locals. This city is one of the best places to settle down as it has high ratings in almost all categories. It has a high employment rate, above average income bracket, low cost housing, good transportation system and a thriving cultural community. It has all you need to consider if you want to start your life at Canada. 


With its dynamic and young environment, Oakville is a great city to live in. It also has high marks based on its open community, great educational system and high standard of living conditions. Oakville is continuing to expand its suburban development plans. It has one of most scenic places and is also known for having the best climate in the country. 


With its clean, healthy and safe environment, Burlington is indeed one of the best cities to think of when settling down. The average retirement age of the residents in this city is quite higher than the rest of the Canadian cities. Healthcare is easily available and there are a lot of recreational activities for the residents. Burlington boasts of a variety of scenic places to visit including lakes, parks and trails. The employment and income rate are both high while the crime rate is low. It is also a good place to raise a family life at Canada.

St. Albert

Similar to other cities mentioned above, St. Albert is also known for having a thriving community with a high income and unemployment percentage. The economy is constantly growing and although it may be cold during winter, the weather is sunny throughout the year.

All things considered, it is up to you to determine what city would best fit your lifestyle. The places mentioned above are based on factors including employment, income, health, education, weather and environment.  At the end of the day, it is your decision on what kind of quality life you are looking for.